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Earth Magic healing circles

Our recent circles focused on looking at the Earth from the perspective of the deserts where we can see where needs the most help and how to find solutions. Some deserts are natural and in balance while others have been created because of human activity. There is a lot of work being done everywhere; on the land, the sea and the sky.


Individual sessions

As human beings we’ve arrived on the Earth, our beautiful home, with free will to create our own lives, to make our own choices. We go on a journey from being vulnerable children needing others to care for us through adolescence into adulthood bringing all this experience with us. How we react to life has much to do with this early journey and the trauma we encounter along the road.


Reiki Classes

This is my wish for everyone. I teach Reiki as a tool for healing, personal development, spiritual discipline and an honouring of the mystic order – the four aspects of the system of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. To be our whole selves we must honour and strengthen our spirit, our soul – call it what you will. This, through our hearts is our point of connection with unity and oneness – our home.


Healing circles and workshops

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