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I offer online and in person individual sessions to support you on your personal journey.

As human beings we’ve arrived on the Earth, our beautiful home, with free will to create our own lives, to make our own choices. We go on a journey from being vulnerable children needing others to care for us through adolescence into adulthood bringing all this experience with us. How we react to life has much to do with this early journey and the trauma we encounter along the road. Our wounds and how we deal with them help us grow. They are often the clues we need to expand our capacity to love as our role here is to love everyone and everything as part of the whole.


The veil of separation keeps our trauma intact – they said we said, enemy and friends, them and us. We open the door to healing when we step out of victimhood and take action to be the creators of our own lives. Regardless of the external circumstances we find peace, love and compassion for ourselves and others further dissolving separation. When we love our hearts open and we become incapable of seeing another living being suffer and incapable of inflicting suffering on another. This is the shift needed now to ensure a future for our children, for our human descendants of every nation and colour. This is the work we are here to do.

You may say this is too great a task! And yet every journey starts with a single step and is made up of many small steps that make up the whole. This is the nature of great change. This journey has already started with our dedication to healing ourselves and our world with more and more people joining all the time. Each one of us, every human being, is a unique to the world and the world is a poorer place if we don’t share our gift, the gift of our whole selves. We must find our passion, our gifts and share them – the gift of loving the earth and working in harmony with nature to grow food, the gift of music and sharing this to lift the heart adding joy to the world, the gift of being able to see good in others, the gift of forgiveness, the gift of leadership for the highest good of all life, the gift of invention to find the solutions that make the world a better place, the gift of laughter to lighten the day – the list is endless. These gifts are inside us regardless of our external circumstances. They don’t need us to wait before sharing them as they are ours from birth so let’s all of us let our light shine brightly.

Our role is to be in service to all life and our gifts help us know how we can be of service. When we follow what gives us joy, peace, balance, and harmony inside us we add these qualities to the energetic field in the world. Let’s dissolve our fear of what might be, what if etc. and stay in what is. Fear teaches us and when we overcome our fears, we grow stronger. To achieve this, we need to become conscious of what we are afraid of, what gives us joy, what depletes us and what strengthens us. In this observation of life and learning to change our response for our highest good we evolve helping be the change we want to see in the world.

Mrs. Hayawa Takata the Reiki Master who first introduced Reiki to students and clients outside of Japan said –
“Be kind to everything that has life” and “Count your blessings”.

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