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Honouring my spiritual lineage and form of Reiki - Usui Shiki Ryoho. See the website www.usuishikiryohoreiki.com for in-depth information including the resources section for great articles, videos and the radio shows “Balancing form and Essence” from Phyllis Furumoto. Phyllis’s workshop “Reiki for a better world” touched me deeply introducing me to regenerative thinking with Ben Haggard and expanding my vision of the capacity of Reiki and my place in the world. I had the privilege of working closely with both Ben and Phyllis in Reiki Home www.reikihome.org and met a whole group of wonderful Reiki practitioners from around the world.

Johannes Reindl is the current lineage bearer who leads wonderful global self-treatment sessions every Monday which I highly recommend.


Honouring my initiating lineage of Tripuri Dunne (www.reikiwithtripuri.com), her master Kajsa Krishni Borang and her master, one of the 22 masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, Wanja Twan. I’ve also been blessed to work with Rick Bockner, another of Mrs Takata’s masters who taught me about Reiki as living in harmony with nature and Anneli Twan, Wanja’s daughter and her husband Don Beacham.

My shamanic teacher is Frank Coppieters (www.livinglightcenter.com) and he is also a Reiki Master.

Other teachers who have influenced me greatly are Marianne Williamson and her course of miracles work (www.marianne.com), Sonia Choquette who has helped connect me with my intuitive self (www.soniachoquette.net), Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther who has taken me to some incredible spaces (www.littlegrandmother.net), Caroline Myss whose work is simply extraordinary (I really recommend her videos on FB and Youtube www.myss.com) and Neale Donald Walshe who has created some wonderful courses (www.nealedonaldwalsch.com) to name a few.

For many years Frank Coppieters has received “inspired guidance” during his meditations which he records and shares –

“Please come home – to what you really are.
You want to be free from everything that could possibly diminish you. Ask the Angels to help. You ask. They come. It is as simple as that.”

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You can contact me via telephone: 00447958005587 or email: contact@grainnewarner.com

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