For decades I’ve been on a journey of healing, personal development and focused on the spiritual discipline of holding love, light, and unity as much as possible. My foundational practice is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki which in its profound simplicity and immediate connection to the energy of source has helped me heal and become more whole. My journey from doing Reiki to being Reiki is still a work in progress and as in everything, the riches lie in the journey, not the goal. As my own healing journey has evolved, I live my life in service following my heart and receiving many rewards along the way.

Lake Titicaca from the bolivian side

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I work as a Reiki Master teaching and offering treatments

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Earth Magic, Individual sessions, Reiki classes and workshops

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We are beings of light in physical human form and our role on Earth is to continually be the highest expression of divinity we can be in any given moment. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t and that’s ok. We are all works in progress towards shining more light, and being more loving, so we forgive ourselves and others and continue on our journey. As we progress in life, we gain wisdom, understanding, compassion and gratitude moving into greater harmony with ourselves, our fellow human family, and all life.

This is our goal and our journey, exercising our free will to choose, unity over separation, light over darkness and to be love in the world. This is my journey, a constantly evolving one!

As we live in service to a greater whole, we find ourselves, heal ourselves and so in turn help heal the whole, shifting the consciousness of fear to love, individual to collective. This is the path of human evolution. My greatest joy is being of service to others to support their transformation. How I can support you?

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